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You might think that being in a rural area means a lack of technology. Here at High Plains, we invest in the latest tools because they help us shorten treatment time and improve your results.

3-D Cone Beam Digital Scanner

The Sirona Galileos 3-D cone beam scanner allows us to see more detail through scanning than with traditional x-rays. This lets us create a more precise treatment plan to fit your needs.

3-D Printer

The Juhl II 3-D printer eliminates days of waiting on ordering and shipping from third-party companies. If you lose an aligner or retainer, we can make you a copy at High Plains using previous scans.

3M Aligners

Many patients choose 3M Aligners over traditional braces due to their virtually transparent appearance using a series of clear aligners.

Digital Scanner

The Trios Digital Scanner helps us minimize impressions and create a detailed digital map of the teeth. This extra detail is useful especially with Invisalign patients, as we can improve the fit and speed up processing time of the aligners.

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